Trane Air Cooled Chiller Bus Tour

June 10, 2016 – Tampa Bay Trane hosted 25 owner, consulting engineer and contractor customers for a local afternoon bus tour to witness the operation of 4 different models of Trane air cooled chillers. Customers were able to see and hear these different models in operation – each selected to fit the unique requirements of a specific project.


20160610_123839Roland Park Elementary School featuring 2 RTAA 110 Chillers serving an ice storage system. Each contains 77.5 tons at 23 degree supply glycol conditions at 108.7 kw (each), 1.40 KW per ton.



20160610_131730Tampa Preparatory School featuring 2 RTAF 410 Sintesis Chillers at 387.3 tons each, 468.6 KW. 121 KW per ton, with a weighted sound pressure of 77.




20160610_140548Hillsborough Community College South Shore featuring 3 RTAE 180 Stealth Chillers at 176.9 tons, 169.6 KW, 104.3 KW per ton with a weighted sound pressure of 72.




Polk State College – Center for Public Safety featuring 3 RATE 200 Stealth Chillers at 185.0 tons, 191.2 KW, 103.4 KW per ton with a weighted sound pressure of 70.



If you or you and your customer would like to see and hear one or more Trane Air Cooled Chillers in operation, please contact your Tampa Bay Trane sales representative. We will tailor local tour(s) to meet your interests.

For more pictures and videos of this tour, click here to visit our Flickr account (Tampa Bay Trane).