Energy Services

Like most commercial building owners, you’ve seen your operational costs increase steadily through the years.As your building systems age, they become less energy efficient, less reliable and more costly to maintain. Tampa Bay Trane’s Energy Services vary widely and depend greatly on the HVAC system that the customer currently has in place, the number of years he has in his business time-horizon and the availability of funds.

Some projects involve a complete building analysis while others simply focus on a key part of the facility such as the chiller plant or the buildings current control system.

Samples of work that has evolved on past jobs include:

  • Building Re-commissioning
  • Energy Audits
  • Chiller Plant Control System upgrades
  • Pumping System Analysis
  • Control System Analysis
  • Co-Generation

pdfimagOur approach to Energy Services is most often modular in design, but it can also encompass a complete package of projects scheduled over an extended time period. Our goal is to work with each customer and the budget to systematically reduce and control energy and maintenance costs. Typically we start by addressing the customer’s biggest and most challenging issue… it occupant comfort, high utility costs, or system reliability. We work to try to bring prompt resolution to this “Big Issue” and then move forward working with the customer to institute a series of improvements that will reduce the building’s operating costs over a 2-5 year time period.

Energy Audits
Energy Management
Energy Benchmarking
Demand Strategies
Measure and Verification
Financing Solutions
Professional Designations