Meet Our Training Instructors

Choosing our instructors is a key part in making our training program successful. When making final decisions Tampa Bay Trane looks for those who are personable, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the HVAC Industry.

Keeping this in mind, every year teaching our Service Training Courses are our own top field service technicians. All of the technicians have personal experience with the equipment, understand the demands of the field, and can relate to students on a deeper level than an outside instructor. Tampa Bay Trane’s technicians share not only what they know, but are also able to compare experiences with students, which enhances the overall learning experience.

Our instructors teach one or more of our service training courses, depending on what they have excelled at in the field. Every year, they work hard to make sure courses are engaging, interactive and contain the most current and up to date information. These field service technicians have been in the business for many years and are eager to share their knowledge as well as exchange thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

Meet Our Instructors

Chris Bush Josh Clayton Bill Lynch Gus Cruz
Chris Bush Joshua Clayton Cruz, Agustin BBPi
9 Years of Service 7 Years of Service 11 Years of Service 5 Years of Service


Dan Ivory John Watson Bob Ford Ron Jacobs
Jacobs, Ron BBPi
4 Years of Service 3 Years of Service 16 Years of Service 33 Years of Service


Rickey McKenzie Hemi Bridjnath
3 Years of Service 2 Years of Service