Air-Cooled Chillers

The most versatile and commonly used piece of equipment in our fleet is the air-cooled chiller. Using state of the art chillers from Trane, we are able to offer a varied fleet that will meet almost any temporary demand. We have the largest capacity in the industry going from 10 tons to 500 tons. These units are ideal when speed, ease of installation and reliability are your primary concerns. They are found in any number of applications ranging from restoring air conditioning in an emergency to providing temporary cooling for a warehouse or even an industrial process.

Available products

  • 10 – 500 ton, 480 volt
  • Integrated pumps on most models •
  • Leaving water temperature range of 0 – 60° F

How they are used

  • To provide a quick and reliable source of chilled water
  • Typically used when power is not an issue
  • The most common type of equipment found in rental cooling applications