Water-Cooled Chillers

At the heart of what we do in Rental Services is leveraging the core competencies of Trane equipment and services. We have taken the standard Trane water-cooled chiller and modified it for rental applications. Whether it’s providing backup for a large hospital system, adding capacity for a process application or simply providing a large amount of tonnage in a low footprint in an energy-efficient manner, a rental water-cooled unit from Trane Rental Services is ready to serve you.

Available products

  • 225 – 1,000 ton
  • Both 480 volt and 4,160 volt models available
  • Units are weatherized for outdoor use
  • Starters are unit mounted

How they are used

  • Perfect for large tonnage applications
  • Make chilled water in most efficient means available
  • Create a source of chilled water when there are power supply limitations