Moisture Removal

Portable Dehumidification for Effective Moisture Removal

Disaster Recovery. Fast Drying for Construction. Equipment Protection.

MovinCool portable AC units can do more than just cool—they can also dry wet areas, speed paint and plaster curing times, and protect equipment from water and humidity.

Effective water damage restoration begins with MovinCool. Portable units can dry rooms out quickly to limit further damage from flooding or a water main break. MovinCool’s dehumidification technology also eliminates odors and stops mold from forming. A portable dehumidifier ensures faster recovery with efficient drying rates that take hours instead of weeks, cutting down on the cost of restoration.

Best of all, installation is simple to provide instantaneous drying. Just roll in the unit, plug it in and turn it on! You’ll save time and money thanks to MovinCool’s patented technology, which is designed to remove moisture and replace it with dry, cooling air from a portable room air conditioner. MovinCool is the perfect temporary dehumidification solution for protecting valuable equipment and property from moisture damage.

MovinCool Model Water Removal per Day
at 95°F at 60% RH
Electrical Requirements Weight Dimensions
(W x D x H)

Models for High Temperature Conditions (70°F – 105°F)

Classic+ 14 128 pints / 61 liters 115V, 15 amps 166 lb 19 x 26 x 41 in

Models for Low Temperature Conditions (65°F – 95°F)

Office Pro 12 112 pints / 53 liters 115V, 15 amps 151 lb 21 x 27 x 44 in
Office Pro 60 583 pints / 276 liters 208/230V, 50 amps 623 lb 30 x 52 x 64 in






Moisture Removal
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